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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords - An easy & new revenue stream, or the easiest way to waste lots of money very quickly

Which Google Adwords Customer Are You?

Never Used Google Adwords Before

The attraction of Google Adwords is simple – Get visibility on page one of Google almost instantly.
Organic rankings are vague and difficult to get. Adwords is simple. Spend the money now, get sales now.

Tried Adwords Before & It Didn’t Go Well

To get the best results from Google AdWords and avoid wasting a lot of money, you can either spend time learning AdWords yourself using the Adwords fundamentals course or you can pay someone to do it for you.

Using Adwords & Want To Get More From It

Managing your own AdWords account, or a bit disappointed with your current PPC agency?
I’ll give you a free review of your existing PPC account and show where I may be able to deliver better results.

How Much I Charge To Spend Your Money

The more advert budget you have, the more time it takes to properly run and manage the campaign to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.
My monthly fees are based on how much your account spends each month on clicks.

£1.00 – £500 Monthly Click Budget = £150.00+VAT/Month Management Fee
£501 – £1000 Monthly Click Budget = £220.00+VAT/Month Management Fee
£1000 – £1750 Monthly Click Budget = £295.00+VAT/Month Management Fee
£1750 – £2,500 Monthly Click Budget = £350.00+VAT/Month Management Fee

Regular Reporting

Generally, I speak every other week to all Adwords clients and these regular chats are backed up with monthly reporting from both an Adwords & Google Analytics perspective.