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Organic SEO or Getting Better Rankings In Google

Organic rankings are difficult to get and easy to lose

Page one in Google is where all site owners want to be

“Ranking on page one of Google”, few understand it but everyone wants it. Many page one rankings bring little or no value but businesses spend fortunes trying to get there.

Being on the top half of page one in Google for good keywords and search terms can bring you all the traffic and sales you need but there are only 10 spaces on page one and these results can change depending on many exterior factors including location, the searcher’s browser settings etc.

Organic visitors are always the best traffic to your site

This is the case for 95% of most websites in most sectors. Organic visitors tend to look at more pages of your website, spend longer on your website and convert at a higher % than AdWords, direct, referral or social traffic. A key reason behind this is the mindset of the user. People understand that only good companies and good websites get to page one and so there is already a strong element of trust in the visitor.

The core SEO basics have never really changed

Find out the words and phrases used by people looking for what you are offering. Think about the information your customers need and lay out the information on clear easy to find pages. Gain external links to your website from other trusted websites and you’ll see your website on or close to page one.

The problem is that you’ve got a business to run and you don’t have the time or SEO knowledge to sit and think about keywords, user intent and website structure – That’s my job.

Clear pages, good content, quality links

These are the 3 elements that I will help you to develop and by doing so, help improve your visibility in Google and increase the number of organic visitors that find your website each month. Over time, my clients see steady growth in organic traffic and sales by targeting these 3 areas.

SEO Analysis & Planning

Detailed analysis of your client’s website covering on page & off page SEO & PPC. Create a unique plan for improving websites performance.

Page Optimisation, Content & Link Introduction

On-site work to ensure valuable pages & website are optimised.
Creation of future content & linking plan & a new external link is built as an introduction to the linking process.

Content Creation & Link Building

New content created each month along with increased external linking activity. Blog links, infographic links as well as curated & relevant listing links being typical examples.