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Paid Social Media Advertising

Using Facebook & Instagram To Improve Website Conversions

Remarket your brand using social media

Even though Facebook & Instagram have recently made it more difficult for businesses to target users on their platforms, they remain a great way of telling your story and driving people to your website. Everyone with a website should be at least using social media to retarget everyone who visits their website.

Facebook Re-targeting and audience building

By installing a Facebook Pixel onto your website, you can then send adverts to everyone who visits your website. These adverts appear in the users Facebook feed and act as a reminder of your website, brand and products/services – This is a great of driving people back to your site who have already expressed an interest in what you do.

Over time, your audience data can be used to create new audiences to target in the future.

Instagram Stories

These have become increasingly popular with businesses as it allows them to communicate with their audience in a fun and animated way.
This is particularly good if you sell a product or a service that lends itself to lots of good images. Instagram stories are a great way to build brand awareness and increase your social audience

Who will run my social media for me?

Not me! My partner in both life & work runs her own Social Media Agency called SocialYaYa.
For the past 3 years, Sarah (the lady in pink in the banner image), has helped clients run both paid and organic social campaigns with a variety of end goals
She will be able to explain to you the social channels you should and shouldn’t be using and build & manage paid campaigns across the right platforms.

Regular & detailed reporting

You’ll receive reports detailing both the social activity that has happened along with a Google Analytics review that helps you to understand the impact on website performance.