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Lamps Direct Google Shopping Feed Management. supply replacement projector lamps to schools and business in the UK and across Europe. They manufacture very high quality, unbranded lamps and bulbs for all the major projector brands that are currently in use.

They use Google shopping platform as the primary way of advertising their products on line but had very little understanding of how well it was performing and how much value and revenue they were getting for their monthly spend.

I was asked to identify the campaigns strengths and weaknesses and make better use of their monthly budget to increase sales and revenue.

A number of areas were quickly identified where budget was being poorly used and this was fixed immediately to ensure that the right level of spend was being allocated to each brand of projector which meant that popular brands had a higher budget then less well known brands.

The result of the work was more sales, less wasted budget and more revenue for the same monthly spend.

Do you use Googles shopping platform? Would like to improve the way it performs each month?
If so then email me on [email protected] or complete the enquiry form and I’ll do an obligation free review of your feed and highlight areas that i can help you with.