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What Web Design And SEO Agencies Should Stop Doing….NOW!

What Web Design and SEO Agencies should stop doing….NOW!

The following are my pet hates about SEO Agencies and some of the practices they use on clients.

Contracts…or holding people to ransom. If any SEO agency tries to make you sign a contract then think carefully before you do  Any good SEO Agency will know that the work they do and the help they give their clients will speak for itself and clients will never want to leave for another supplier.

 Stop acting like you own your client’s websites or SEO campaigns….you don’t.  Some companies who will say to clients that they are going take down their website or delete their AdWords campaign just because the client has decided to move to another supplier or there may be an outstanding payment issue. I think this gives our industry a bad image.

 Building links without reporting them to the client.  I know this sounds a bit mad but it does happen. If you build links for your client as part of any SEO strategy then at least have the decency to show them the links you build.  If your SEO Agency is building links but not reporting them then stop using them ASAP.

 One size Fits All Monthly Packages.  Any decent SEO person/agency understands that no two websites are the same and so no two SEO strategies should be the same. Avoid traditional monthly packages that provide a fixed number of links/content each month for a fixed price.  This hints that your agency is more interested in supplying easy work and profit margins than they are the success of your website.

 “Sorry, that’s not something we supply so we’re not interested in helping you….”  Many Digital Marketing Agencies forget that to a lot of their clients, they are the central “go to” place for advice on all things digital. I’ve experienced several SEO suppliers who will just flatly refuse to discuss anything with their clients that isn’t directly connected to the work they are doing for them.  For smaller businesses, this often leads to them making bad and ill informed decisions that can end up costing a lot of money


Agencies that charge for proposals.  Unbelievable I know but it does happen.

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